Bag of Shit

23 Sep

Lloyd: I’d like to see [Davies] come here and try and collect…
Ari: Well, my confidence grows tenfold knowing that you have my back, but I don’t welch. So, here is a hundred dollars, put in a brown paper back, along with a nice big pile of shit and send it over there.
Lloyd: Excuse me…?
Ari: Human shit, Lloyd.. Right now.
Lloyd: That is really disgusting Ari.
Ari: No, really disgusting is going to be the American Psycho style dismemberment I’m going to perform on you if you don’t do that right fucking now!
Lloyd: What about doggy poop?
Ari: HUMAN shit Lloyd. Yours, if it’s easier. Otherwise, go camp out in the men’s bathroom, or the woman’s bathroom, whichever will have you, but I need a specimen.