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Colin Farrell

1 Jan

Ari: I’d like to talk to Vince.
E. Vince’d like you to talk to me!
Ari (making a suggestion of breaking the phone): Ok player, tell him Colin Farrell took Matterhorn. (closing his phone) FUCK YOU!!


1 Jan

Ari (after E leaves him at dinner): Can I get a check please? Domo arigato […]


1 Jan

E: I just read an article in the Times. The New York Times, not the shit they got out here.
Ari: You read the Times huh? You read the New Republic?
E: Uhh, I’ve heard of it.
Ari: Well I was reading that, and it’s interesting ’cause what is says is that you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.


1 Jan

E: It doens’t matter what I think
Ari: It does matter what you think. What are you talking about, you’re part of the team baby, come on. I mean I gotto know what you think so I can get you to think what I think.


23 Aug

Ari: Is that the way they drive in Tiananmen Square, bitch?