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5 Jan

Mrs. Ari: You are being ridiculous.
Ari: I’m being.. That’s exactly what you said at the Bill and Ted premiere, when Terrence said; I’ll take Keanu, you take the other guy.


5 Jan

Ari: Tonight we eat like kings, 500 a head.
Turtle (looking relieved): I’m starving!
Ari: Smoke more weed Turtle, seriously, smoke more weed.

Suits You

5 Jan

Ari: You look great too, E. What’d ya do? Raid the boys department at Macy’s?

Sit Down

5 Jan

Terrence: Hey, I’m looking forward to my sitdown with our boy. (walks away)
Ari (smiling, then turning to Mrs. Ari): Sitdown! That schnitzel loving fuck is trying to steal Vince.


5 Jan

(Sarah is singing)
Ari: Fabulous baby, Fabulous! (Turning to his wife): Is it me or is her voice getting worse?
Mrs. Ari: Ari!
Ari: Doesn’t mean that I don’t love her but she’s just awful baby!

Only daddy!

23 Aug

(Mrs. Ari suggests that Ari is afraid of Terrence)
Ari: I’ll beat that old fuck and throw him in the pool.
(To his kids:) Only Daddy speaks that way!