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Pay Up

7 Jan

E: I’m impressed Ari, a totally selfless meal.
Ari: Yeah, well, you’re paying, ’cause you’ve got the job.

Care About Jessica

7 Jan

Ari: Vince is the only client I’ve ever had that I considered a friend, all right? The only one I really cared about. I mean, Jessica Biel too, but I cared about her (opening his chop sticks) for very different reasons.

Pronto Tonto

7 Jan

Lloyd: Where to?
Ari: Malibu. Pronto Tonto!

Indie 500

7 Jan

Ari: Say goodbye to that Masarati, E. I see a shiny new Vespa in your future. (walking towards Lloyd’s stunt car)
E: Yeah, good luck in the Indie 500.
Lloyd: Morning, E!
E: Morning Lloyd.
Ari: Don’t say good morning to him!


7 Jan

Ari: You even know how fucked you are? I mean, you are so fucking fucked. I mean, I think you are the most fucked person I know. (hears the bleeping sound of a car). Shit, here comes the wife. Just pretend like it’s all good.
E: You didn’t tell your wife?
Ari: No. When the time’s right, yeah.
E: When the time is right, It’s on the cover of Variety!
Ari: She doesn’t read Variety, she reads InStyle.


7 Jan

Ari: What, you wanna quit too?
E: Actually, I think I might, yeah.
Ari: E! The garbage man who wins the lottery does not throw out the ticket!

Bay of Pigs

27 Aug

(Ari returning from a talk with heartbroken Vince)
Lloyd: How’d it go?
Ari: How’d the fucking Bay of Pigs go, Lloyd?

Kilo of Blow

23 Aug

Mrs. Ari: What’s in the bag?
Ari: A kilo of blow. What’s with all the fucking questions?