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Woke the Wife

13 Jan

Ari (answering the phone): What?
E: Looks like I woke you up this time huh Ari?
Ari: No, but you did wake my wife and kids, dickhead. Vinnie better be sitting in prison with a DUI or something, is he?
E: No..
Ari: Than what the fuck do you want, cunt muscle?

Bad Boys

13 Jan

Ari: Come on Vinnie! You’re making bank, you can’t get your boy a whole shirt?
Dom: You talkin to me, jerk off?
Ari: Take it easy Dom, I just don’t want you to excite my man here, he’s into bad boys, aren’t you Lloyd?

Open Doors

13 Jan

Ari: Today, and only today, I’m gonna open up my doors like Ellis fucking Island.