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Season 7 is near!

23 Jun

Ok people – just a few more days to the season 7 premiere! June 27 at 10:30pm.

Lay Off the Icing

11 Oct

(Dana tells Ari she already is closing on Heath Ledger to do Lost in the Clouds)
Dana: Sorry Ari, but this [the cupcakes] is good!
Ari: Lay off the icing Dana, looks like your hips could use a breather

Britney’s Beavershot

11 Oct

Ari: Have you seen Vince’s trailer?
Dana: I have, it’s good
Ari: Oh, please! It’s fucking great, gonna be downloaded more times than Britney’s beavershot.

Stephen fucking Gaghan

28 Aug

Ari (as he walks towards the elevator): “They got Stephen fucking Gaghan?”

Do my Job

25 May

Babs (passes Ari as he goes to see Bob): Don’t spend the whole day reminiscing, Ari.
Ari: Don’t tell me how to do my job, Barbara…

No More Drama

11 Feb

Ari: Jim, listen to me. Just man the fuck up, OK? We got Mary J. coming in today, it’s time to heed the woman’s lyrics; No More Drama!

Lloyd is cruising

4 Sep

(Lloyds calls Ari)
Ari: What’s the matter Lloyd? You and Tom like to listen to my voice while you dildo each other?
Lloyd: No, I have Nicky Rubenstein for you.
Ari: OK, tell ‘m you’re on a cruise with your very own king of the world and have him call me direct.
Nicky: Hey Ari
Ari: Nicky Rubenstein! How’s my favorite state home convict?

American Movie

4 Sep

(The crew meets prince Yair)
Yair: Well, I am here to buy a movie guys, and my pockets, they are deep
Ari: Well Yair, we’re sorry, but we’re here to sell to Americans, so that people can see it in the States, not in the Arab Emirates.

E got balls

4 Sep

(E has financial doubts on his producership for Medellin)
E: I’m in, I’m in
Ari: Big balls for a little man, I love it. Let’s call Nicky and see if he’s got ‘m as well.

Nicky’s problems

4 Sep

Nicky: Plus, I’m having some financial difficulties
Ari: Like what, the coffee cup holder in your Bugatti is broken?
Ari: Nicky, trust me, you’ll get other offers.
Nicky: How do you know?
Ari: Same way I knew you’re father was banging his secretary before everyone in town did; instinct!