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Stephen fucking Gaghan

28 Aug

Ari (as he walks towards the elevator): “They got Stephen fucking Gaghan?”

No Chance

23 Aug

Ari (being interviewed on Medellin): I always try to steer my clients away from working with unexperienced directors and producers, because why take a chance? Vinnie really wanted to do this movie and there was no stopping him. But then when he wanted to put up his own money I thought that was crazy. ‘Cause look: most movies lose money. It’s my job as a talent representative to make sure that even if a movie loses all of it’s money, my client still sees al of his.


23 Aug

Ari (being interviewed on Medellin): When a director falls for an actor on set, all bets are off. If he doens’t get her, bet you have a problem. When someone else gets her, bet the house.