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Suck It

13 Oct

E: Good luck Ari!
Ari: Suck it, E.


6 Oct

(Discussing the Benji in the Arctic script)
Turtle: Is this Benji the dog we’re talking about?
Ari: No, no, it’s Benji Franklin who goes to Arctic, you idiot.

Berry Bonds’ Skull

6 Oct

Ari: It is a G-rated family film. If it’s somehow Babe, we’re great. And if it’s Garfield and it blows up like Berry Bonds’ Skull, we’re finished.

Last Thing to Do

6 Oct

Ari: We could be at Villa tonight.
E: What are you gonna do at Villa?
Ari: The only thing I can do E, find a nice image to whack off to.

None of Your Fucking Business

6 Oct

Ari: I am away on business.
Lloyd: What kind of business do you have on a saturday night??
Ari: I got none of your fucking business.

A Favor to your Asian Ass

6 Oct

Ari: Break your fucking plans, I own your Asian ass.
Lloyd: I thought this was a favor!
Ari: This is a favor, to you, a favor to keep you employed.

Hundred dollars

6 Oct

Jonah: Tell mamma to take me home…
Ari: Buddy.. [searches for words] I’ll give you a hundred dollars if you stay till tomorrow.

Happy to See E

6 Oct

Ari (finds the guys after being lost at Joshua’s Tree): I’ve never been so happy in my life. I’m even happy to see E.