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I Love You

14 Jul

Jerry: How would you like to own an NFL team Mr. Gold?
Ari: I love you – I love it.


14 Jul

Lizzy: You got the [NFL] meeting? Shit that’s impressive.
Ari: Yeah, I’d blow myself if I was more flexible.


14 Jul

Lizzy: I’m not asking you because I need you, but I’m on the verge of signing an executive producer from Glee.
Ari: I don’t sing.

King’s Job

14 Jul

Account guy: You have to talk to the accounting department.
Ari: I don’t have anything.
Account guy: I have multiple clients with checks missing.
Ari: That’s not a king’s job!


14 Jul

[Mrs. Ari wants Ari to buy her an Italien chandelier, but Ari has to go to his NFL meeting]
Ari: I sell the tv rights and I will buy you Italy.


14 Jul

Jerry: Confident.
Ari: I deliver Jerry. Always have. Ask anyone. Even my wife who’s in the car.
[gesturing to Mrs. Ari that she should speak up]
Mrs. Ari: He always delivers Mr. Jones.


14 Jul

Jerry: You’re a persistant fellow.
Ari: I haven’t gotten to where I am by giving up easily.

Original Body

13 Jul

Mrs. Ari: [This chandelier] is murano glass and it was originally owned by Sophie Loren.
Ari: I’d rather look at nude photos of her original body